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На завалинке

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Звезды дискотек - Cherry Laine{-45-}

Звезды дискотек - Cherry Laine{-45-}

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Родилась в Камеруне. Жила в Швейцарии, потом - в Германии, во Франкфурте-на-Майне.
В 1977 году выступление Софии во франкфуртском ресторане «Dorian Gray» услышал Бернт Мёрле (Bernt Moehrle). Вокальные данные и драйв произвели на Бернта сильное впечатление и он предложил ей попробовать свои силы в сольном проекте CHERRY LAINE.
В 1979 году Бернт создал группу CHILLY, однако у него возникли проблемы с одной из участниц группы - Андреа Линз. Весной 1979 года Бернт меняет ее на Софию и в дальнейшем сольная карьера и карьера в составе группы у Софии тесно переплетаются.
В составе Chilly София выступала с 1979 по 1984 г.
В конце 1978 CHERRY LAINE выпускае сингл Catch The Cat / Come On And Sing, а в 1979 году был выпущен альбом Чери Лэйн «I’m Hot» (CBS), на котором были записаны 10 песен, в том числе и новая версия знаменитого хита Mamy Blue.
В дальнейшем София отошла от музыкальной жизни. В настоящее время, по слухам, она по-прежнему живет во Франкфурте.

Кстати, CHERRY LAINE умудрилась попасть в ходивший в 80-е список групп и исполнителей, произведения которых было запрещено ввозить в СССР.

Синглы, макси-синглы.
1977 Everybody Knows It
1977 Night In Chicago / You Love Me In A Special Way
1978 Una Noche en Chicago (a Night In Chicago spanyol nyelvű változata)
1978 Catch the Cat / Come On And Sing
1978 Coge Al Gato (a Catch the Cat - испанская версия) / Ven Y Canta (a Come On And Sing - испанская версия)
1979 The Sea-Fare Folk / You Are the Song
1979 Danny’s Disco / I’m Hot
1980 No More Monday / Al Capone
1980 I’m Losing You / Easy Ride
1981 Waiting / Ooh I Like It
1986 Jungle Lover Boy
1993 Night In Chicago / The Sea-Fare Folk / Catch the Cat (a Golden-Dance-Classics)
2005 Catch the Cat – Cherry Laine Mix 2005

1979 I’m Hot


Cherry Laine (Jamaica) is female disco star. Her father was a clergyman, her mother a nurse. At the age of six she is said to have been singing in her father’s church choir accompanied by her mother playing the organ. The family moved to England. The mother wanted her daughter to become a nurse and a midwife, but Cherry’s plans were totally different. She would often go to studios and stages in London in preparation for the career of a singer. After the deaths of her parents, she moved to West Germany. She started her career there with the help of the composer Bernt Moehrle. Her first single was Everybody Knows It, but the big breakthrough came with 1977’s Night In Chicago, which became a popular hit throughout Europe. The next hit came in 1978 entitled Catch the Cat. This song became so successful in Spain that it had 8 different remix versions in Spanish and it reached a double gold record. Naturally, her first album was not to be waited for too long either and it came out in 1979 with the title I’m Hot. The album features, among many others, Michael Cretu and Kurt Hauenstein from Supermax. Surprisingly, the first two single hits, Everybody Knows It and Night in Chicago are not included in the album, unlike the above mentioned Catch the Cat, The Sea-Fare Folk and Speed Freak Sam that became very popular.

The Sea-Fare Folk is an adaptation of the well-known English folk song, The Drunken Sailor, which was performed at the beginning of the 1980s by the Dutch Babe and the German band, Dschinghis Khan, too. Cherry’s single of 1979’s Danny’s Disco was also often played by several radio stations as well as in music clubs. However, her career was also badly affected by the decline of disco music. Her later singles did not sell well anymore, that is why no more albums were recorded. In 1986 she released Jungle Lover Boy to come back to pop music. The song was popular in discos but this was not enough to put her back to the charts. Cherry disappeared from the world of pop. According to some internet sources, she participated in the albums of the band Chilly, who were also assisted by Möhrle; after then in the 1980s she joined the less known formation Pappy’ion. [3] In 1993 her three most popular hits were released on a maxi CD in the Golden-Dance-Classics series, which makes the greatest hits of disco music that are real rarities of today available for the fans longing for a little nostalgia.


Cherry Laine - Speed Freak Sam


Cherry Laine - Night In Chicago


Cherry Laine -I`m Hot


Cherry Laine - Sergeant Rock


Cherry Laine - Mamy Blue


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Классная группа даже вспомнить приятно то время....спасибо Меломан!!!!!


Спасибо, Андрей! Замечательная группа!

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