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Backdraft - Pull The Trigger (2016)
Жанр: Rock & Roll

Второй альбом немецко-голландской рок-н-ролл группы Allsta. Квартет во главе с ведущим певцом и гитаристом RON Nagtegaal (Ронни Соловей и Haydock) надлежащим образом укомплектован очень опытными музыкантами MARIO Oehlmann (соло-гитара, бэк-вокал) известны из Боннского нео-рокабилли учреждение FOGGY ГОРА рокеры, E-Basser Mikel МЮЛЛЕРА из Оберхаузене светились даже на LOU Cifer, а Hellions и Рискованные, на барабанах 57 Fairlanes РИЧАРД Schuurs. 


Second album of the German-Dutch rock n roll Allstar lineup on PART. The quartet led by lead singer and guitarist RON Nagtegaal (RONNIE NIGHTINGALE AND THE Haydock) is adequately staffed with very experienced musicians and scene people: MARIO OEHLMANN (lead guitar, backing vocals) are known from the Bonn Neo-rockabilly institution FOGGY MOUNTAIN ROCKERS, E-Basser MIKEL MUELLER from Oberhausen shone even at LOU Cifer aND tHE Hellions and tHE WILDCATS, on drums 57 Fairlanes RICHARD Schuurs. Since 2007, the parity binational studded lineup is active and completed successful shows in Germany, Holland and France, with 'Pull The Trigger' present the Rock n Roller now 19 brand new original compositions as well as the cover song 'Jumpin Jive' - modern recorded Rockabilly and Rock n Roll that does not last very clearly linked to the qualities of the already established bands of musicians. With Dirty Touch, Tempo, Groove, much enthusiasm and diverse songwriting stands 'Pull The Trigger' as timeless good genre album that depicts the many facets of rock and roll from the 50's to 2016 easily and with a lot of style. 8-page 4c booklet with lots of cool photos.

Artist: Backdraft

Title: Pull The Trigger
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Part Records (Broken Silence)
Genre: Rock & Roll, Rockabilly
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 58:16 min
Total Size: 137 MB



01. Little Mona
02. Rockin' Band
03. Pull The Trigger
04. She Got Me On The Hook
05. Something To Rock
06. On The Road Again
07. I Love You
08. Blow Up The Rails
09. Car Crazy
10. Wild Wet & Easy
11. Nothing Without You
12. Devil Girl
13. I No Longer Mind
14. Angel
15. Norma Jeane
16. Rocking On My Mind
17. Slow People
18. I Never Knew
19. I Could Die For Rock'n'roll
20. Jumpin' Jive


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